Arjun Capital | Meet The Traders
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Meet The Traders

Tom began his trading career in Energy derivatives before expanding into Bonds and Equity markets. Tom's career has always been that of a proprietary trader and he is now also taking on aspiring traders and developing them into the next generation of trading talent. Tom plays a key role in helping to develop Arjun Capital's core belief of shared ideas and success.

Tom Griffiths

Head of Equity Trading – London

Born in the Canary Islands, Betancor completed his Masters in Finance and Bachelors in Economics from the University of Madrid in 2010. Ever since, he has been successfully trading Bonds, Equities and Energy products. He is successfully nurturing and managing a team of energy traders who have developed the necessary skills to perform in the market place.

Eduardo Betancor

Head of Energy Trading – London

Reid Joined Arjun Capital as a Derivatives trader in 2014 with a focus in LEAPS and bonds. Now Reid has developed into a successful trader in the North Sea and American Crude Oil markets. His Economics degree from Manchester University has given him a strong foundation to his career as a Derivatives trader.

Fergus Reid

Benn started his career with a Graduate trader training Programme in London. He has build his skills and knowledge of the market over the past 3 years. He has exceptional knowledge of the Energy and Soft Commoditity markets. An experienced trader and market maker. He is fully committed to his trading career and Arjun Capital. And is a valuable part of our team.

Benn Hepworth

Daniel has a proven track record trading financial and commodity futures with all the major global exchanges. With over 15 years trading and market making experience, Dan understands the importance of liquidity provision, hedging and risk management. His exceptional experience has proven to be invaluably to his trading strategies success. As a senior trader Dan is a crucial member of our team.

Daniel Morrison