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Experienced Traders

Experienced Traders

Whether you wish to trade remotely or from our office, Arjun Capital is perfectly situated to provide you with the foundations for success in the markets . 


With a long history of market-making and liquidity provision trading futures on major exchanges, our traders are perfectly placed to benefit from the implementation of customised trading strategies.


The aim is to provide our traders with the perfect environment to flourish in the markets; we are providers of ultra-low latency Direct Market Access (DMA) and remote access via virtual private network (VPN).


We are a collective of highly motivated individuals striving for long term success in the markets whilst developing as individuals. We pride ourselves on having cultivated an open source team environment where team spirit and shared success is prioritised.


Our unique platform provides comprehensive exposure to leading fundamental information, technical knowledge and on-going performance support. Although we have extensive expertise in the energy markets we are members of and also trade a variety of products across a number of exchanges.


We provide our traders with:

  • Trading support
  • Participation in our Trader Network
  • Back office support
  • Risk management
  • Trading infrastructure
  • IT support
  • Fundamental, Technical, and Psychological training
  • Squawk service


Arjun Capital can provide access to every single listed future and option in Europe and North America over a variety of Independent Software Vendors.


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